One Room at a Time Dungeon

My two younger sons and I have a different kind of D&D 5th edition campaign going. The campaign takes place in a mega dungeon. Each session we switch off as Dungeon Master. Whomever is playing characters for the next session decide which exit they are going to follow. The D.M. who is up maps out a new room and then designs one encounter in the room.

We play the dungeon on average about every other day after dinner. The session usually last 15 to 25 minutes.

It is a great way to spend some time with my sons. The boys get to play and D.M. a little bit and my youngest gets to let his imagination run wild designing his encounters. We very rarely run into a standard monster in his encounters. Nobody gets burned out as D.M. or just playing.

We use a shared google doc for the room descriptions. One of my favorite encounters my youngest son wrote was when we ran into a scorpion the size of a taxi with a stinger the size of a long sword. Fun times!

Tabaxi Character Figure

For the first time in several years I am playing in an RPG campaign. I almost always am the Game Master, so it has made for a nice change of pace. It is always good to gain some insight into the game from the other side of the screen. Anyway, one of my fellow players is running a Tabaxi – a cat-person. I’m not big on furry-style characters, but he has done a nice job with his character. The problem was we did not have an appropriate miniature. Then I remembered I had some old Alkemy (an OOP French fantasy skirmish game) figures that might work. I painted one up and we will see if he wants to use it.

I am running the Bruckburg campaign this afternoon – I will post a campaign report soon.