WizKids Deep Cut Miniatures

Finished painting a trio of the newish WizKids miniatures line. A barmaid, a cart, and a dancing woman.


The deepcuts miniatures line is pre-primed. However, the mold lines are so prominent the pre-priming is a waste. I prepared the miniatures as I would any other – wash, file, and prime. The cart was in rough shape, which is fine because I needed a broken down cart for a Frostgrave scenario.


Finished up some Vikings for the Blood Eagle game I am running at Winter War gaming convention later this month. These models come from Saxon Miniatures, a company which has recently been purchased by War Lord Games.

Some could complain that my paint jobs are a bit bright and colorful for Dark Ages, but I need the models to be easily identifiable individually for the game.

Hopefully, I will be posting something above tabletop quality in the near future.

Models count in 2018: 7.

Sunless Citadel Dungeon Pieces

I have run the Sunless Citadel by Bruce R. Cordell a few times. It was the module that launched 3rd edition D&D and was recently converted to 5th edition inĀ Tales from the Yawning Portal. It is fun dungeon crawl and I recommend it highly. However, there are a few parts of the dungeon that are difficult to represent with Master Maze. I decided to use my Hirst Arts molds to create some practical pieces to fill a few voids in the Dwarven Forge stuff.

Here is one of the problematic rooms (#20):


Sorry, for the blurry map picture, but it gives you an idea of the problem. That big semi-circular part of the room is tough to represent. I have used the older resin cavern curve pieces in the past, but this really was not satisfactory. So using Bruce Hirst’s 8″ circular tower field stone mold, I made these:


Here is room 20 using these new tiles:


The paint scheme is much darker than the old Master Maze, but it is much closer to the newer Dwarvenite. The picture below is a comparison with the newer stuff:


Not perfect, but there is a wide variation in the Dwarven Forge paint schemes too, and it certainly looks decent on the table. The piece was built on a piece of cheap vinyl tile and I gave it a felt backing:


The room’s dimension’s do not exactly match my build. My build is 40 scale feet across and the map depicts a room 45 scale feet across. I could insert a few 5 feet pieces to match, but I wanted a practical piece I could use in lots of dungeons.

These pieces will also serve as the basis for building some of those darn circular rooms that dungeon designers seem to insist on using.