Townhouse Projects: part one

This weekend I started working on creating a townhouse for my Bruckburg. I cast pieces from some of my new Hirst Arts molds and set up the ground level.


On the left side of the photo you can see the ground level floor tiles. The Hirst Arts pieces on the right are arrayed on double-sided tape on cardboard pieces. These will be spray painted black and dry-brushed up to appear as wood. Pre-painting these pieces before construction will save me time in the long run.

The Plan

The Town House will be two levels with a dormer out the back of the top story. The walls will be constructed out of foam core board. The ground level floor [pictured above] is glued to a piece of vinyl tile. The second floor will be glued to foam core board. The interior walls will be made out of foam core board. My current plan is to have the interior walls removable by slotting and gluing the interior walls together.