Bruckburg – Session Four

Cast of Characters:

Red [Ken] – Protector of ladies of the evening

Billy [Mark W.] – Exciseman

Bartholomew (Bart) [Erik] – Burgher

Victor [Dan] – Militiaman

The Green Door Inn

Red was sitting at the second table at the inn with Billy, Bart, and Victor. The inn was full of folks she did not recognize, but this was no surprise as Visha was rumored to be performing that evening. Realizing the barmaid was unlikely to make it by the second table at regular intervals, the foursome took turns making trips to get ale and wine from the barkeep. During these trips they overheard a few tidbits.

Red learned that the plague Ulrich was investigating was getting progressively worse and the Sisters of Shallya were at a loss as to what to do.

Bart overheard a Sewer Jack trying to convince some friends he had seen some sort of rat-man in the sewers. His friends laughed his story off and blamed his drinking.

Billy heard someone say that tonight was Visha’s last dance, because she was marrying a nobleman next week.

No sooner had Billy shared his rumor that Red saw Hudapon enter the inn with his bodyguard.

“There is someone who might be very interested in this tidbit,” Red stated. “Excuse me gents.” Red made her way towards the young noble.

Hudapon’s sizable bodyguard stepped in Red’s path. “It’s alright Jan,” Hudapon said from behind the bodyguard.. “Red, how are you my dear?”

“I’ve heard something about Visha,” Red replied.

The young rake’s countenance fell slightly. “Do tell.”

“I have heard she is getting married to a noble and this is her farewell dance.”

“Pure nonsense. What noble? I’ve have hired numerous people to follow and keep tabs on Visha and nobody knows anything. Now, you are trying to tell me she is marrying someone in my social circle? Highly unlikely!” Hudapon was struggling to keep his composure.

“It was just a rumor,” Red replied reassuringly.

“Ah, the Dregs, the talk of low minds,” Hudapon stated smugly.

Red took her leave of the young noble and returned to the second table.

The Dance

Bart ordered more wine and the group chatted amiably for a few moments. A hush suddenly fell over the common room. A cloaked figure appeared in the center of the floor. The figure whipped off the cloak revealing its scaly skin and a third eye in the middle of its forehead  and screeched. “Tonight there will be a different dance – a dance of death!” The mutant then jumped at a nearby barmaid and attacked her with a pair of daggers.

Numerous others removed cloaks and attacked patrons. Some were clearly mutants, others had no visible stigmata and were presumably cultists. A wild maelstrom of melee broke out with slashing, biting, and clawing. Red, Billy, Bart, and Victor sprung into action – attacking the mutants and cultists. Hudapon’s hulking bodyguard fell to a combined attack of cultists and Billy could see a pair of cultists dragging the noble out of the tavern.

Billy saw the kidnapping attempt, and unable to reach the action directly, sprinted out the back kitchen door in the hopes of cutting the group off. Red, Victor, and Bart killed the rest of the cultists in the tavern and set off in pursuit. The cultists found themselves confronted on both sides and were forced to let Hudapon go. Hudapon sprinted across the street away from danger.

During the ensuing combat the cultists were killed in succession, but at no time gave any indication of a willingness to surrender. They were attempting to make their way to an open sewer grate, but could not get away.

Hudapon’s Offer

In the aftermath of the crazed attack the group collected weapons and armor from Hudapon’s dead bodyguard and cloaks from the cultists. They then met with Hudapon in a nearby stables. Hudapon was very shaken by the events. Nearly on the edge of tears he said, “I didn’t think he was serious! Who would come after me, knowing who my uncle is! You have to help me do something about this. If my uncle finds out, I am ruined!”

Red explained to the other three that Hudapon’s uncle was a renowned witch hunter.

“Why were they after you?” Victor inquired.

“I hired an ugly halfling and his friends to follow Visha. I did not hear from them, until I received this,” Hudapon handed a parchment over. As the only one who could read, Billy read the parchment aloud to the group –

You dubbl-dubbl crosses.

She powerful sorceress.

She dead now.

You pay!

You die-die!

Hudapon confirmed to the group that an urchin had delivered the missive from the ugly halfling. Hudapon then agreed to pay the group 1,000 Gold Crowns if they would take care of the assassins. The group agreed and Hudapon left.

Into the Sewers

The only lead the group had was that the cultists seemed to be working their way to an open sewer grate. Grabbing torches and lanterns they descended into the sewers. A short way down the dank sewers they found a corpse being consumed by a trio of giant rats. The rats were quickly killed, but not before Bart managed to fall in the effluent.

The body was badly chewed up, but they did find a strange brand on the chest of the human. Red gasped when she recognized it – it was a symbol of the dark god, Slaanesh!


The entrance from the sewer was relatively easy to find as it was banging in the slight breeze of the tunnel. The group found themselves in a 30-foot wide chamber that was a cellar of some sort. The place was full of boxes, barrels, and numerous wine racks. A cultist in grand vestments sneered at the group and grabbed a bottle from the rack. The adventurers moved to the attack, but not before the cultist managed to smash the bottle on the ground and a pinkish cloud ruse from the dust that had been scattered from the breaking of the bottle.

The group struck down the cultist, while taking great pains to avoid the strange cloud. They also found an entrance behind the wine rack that led to a crudely dug tunnel. Bart grabbed a pair of bottles from the rack that contained dust and the group moved into the cramped tunnel.

The Sacrifice

The chamber the group entered had an obscene mural on one wall and lit by flickering candles that gave off a strange, multi-hued glow. There was an altar table in the middle of a pentagram and a man chanting next to the altar with a dagger held over an unmoving, prostrate Visha. As he noticed the group he ceased chanting and plunged his dagger into Visha. As blood sprayed wildly from Visha, the man attacked with the dagger.

The group fought the man and then a dark presence entered the room. Directly above the corpse of Visha appeared the most beguiling and revolting creature anyone had ever seen. The creature had the form of a female with one exposed breast. The creature’s arms terminated in huge crab-like claws.  While the demon’s appearance did affect the adventurers, none of them succumbed to the terror of the creature.

The Daemonette attacked, but its snapping claws failed to hit home.  Victor managed to wound the demon and mysteriously, the demon disappeared – seemingly dragged back to the place from whence it had been summoned. The man who had summoned the demon was struck down in short order.

A search of the chamber yielded little, save the ornate dagger and a scroll with numerous strange runes. The group gathered themselves and wrapped Visha’s body in a cloak.

The Aftermath

Hudapon did not even ask to see Visha’s body when the group reported events back to him. He had a new bodyguard and was more interested to hear if they had found the ugly halfling. When they admitted they had not, he merely said, “I guess you have work to do.”

Red took Visha’s body to the Temple of Moor and paid for a simple burial.


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