New Hirst Arts Molds

I just got my shipment of new Hirst Arts Molds in and I cannot wait to start casting!


Mold 227 Tavern Window and Door, Mold 245 Slate Shingle Roof, Mold 262 Rubble Slab, Mold 263 Rubble Block, and Mold 264 Rubble Floor Tile.

I fill the molds with dental plaster and after they dry I have modelling bits to build all kinds of things. I love Hirst Arts Molds and have built up a fair collection over the years.


In the mid 1990s I was casting figures and models using RTV Rubber. Then I had the idea to build castle walls and cast them in pieces. I experimented with it off and on for a couple of years, but I could never get the blocks precise enough to work well together. Whereever my pieces came together there was a huge seam. Then in the late 1990s I found Bruce Hirst’s site – Castlemolds. He had the same idea, but his execution was so much superior to mine, and to my delight he was selling RTV molds, not the bricks from the molds. The red molds in the picture above are some of the early molds I purchased. The white powder in some of the molds is talc used to keep the molds from sticking when stored.

Bruce Hirst is a quality model artist and his site Hirst Arts is well worth a look.

These new molds I purchased are perfect for making lots of new molds for my Brucksburg campaign.

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